Knowhow On How To Reset Ring Doorbell

In this article you will get Knowhow On How To Reset Ring Doorbell. The newest models of Ring Video Doorbells are equipped with superb motion sensors, audio and video communication, and battery choices that allow for flexible installation. It is sometimes necessary to start completely again. You should know that the has a simple ring doorbell reset option to put it into a setup mode, which is necessary both for the initial setup and a complete factory reset. All you need to know is listed here.

Procedure Of Reset Ring Doorbell:

Discovering your specific Ring Doorbell model is the first step in getting started with your device. They’re all somewhat different in form but appear similar to the untrained eye. Instead, check the product number on the back of the Doorbell or open the Ring app to verify whether it is labelled as a Ring 1, Ring 2, or Ring Pro.

  1. First, locate the orange button on the rear of the Doorbell and push it, keeping it down for at least 20 seconds before actually releasing it to reset Ring 1. To factory reset a Ring 2, press and hold the Doorbell’s black button for 20 seconds. Hold the Ring Pro’s black button for 20 seconds to reset.
  2. The front-facing Ring light should begin blinking when you let go of the button. When it’s done, the reset will be finished. If you wish to give the Doorbell to someone else or otherwise detach it from your account, you may do so by resetting it.
  3. If this is the case, you may skip resetting the actual device by deleting it from the Ring app on your mobile device instead. It’s important to remember that when you unlink a device from the Ring app, you’re also disconnecting the video history associated with that device. It is important to remember to download any video you wish to save before removing the device from the app.

Reset Using The Setup Mode Button:

You have successfully located the Setup mode button and may now do a factory reset. When using the button, press it once and let go immediately. The front light will spin rapidly when the Ring goes into Setup mode. If you’ve followed the instructions thus far, the Doorbell’s light should begin rotating shortly after you return to the app. At this point, you may begin pairing your smartphone with the device and finishing the installation process.

Set Up The Ring Video Doorbell Again:

You will have to re-configure your Ring Doorbell if you have reset it to attempt to resolve a technical fault or connectivity issue. If you want to avoid tricking the Doorbell into believing you’re attempting to reset it again, click the Setup mode button and immediately release it.

Now that you’ve entered Setup mode, the Doorbell will generate a little Wi-Fi network. How to change wifi on ring doorbell is another question altogether. When this occurs, the front light will begin to rotate. All of this should be familiar if you’ve ever set up a Ring Doorbell before, but you’ll need to enter the Ring app and connect to this hotspot before the Doorbell can be directed to your home Wi-Fi and the setup completed.

This reset step may be repeated as many as required, but it’s not the only option if your Ring Doorbell stops working. Remember that a low battery or being too distant from your Wi-Fi network might create Ring connectivity issues. If rebooting doesn’t fix the problem, you should try something else.

Full Factory Reset:

You needed to find the Setup mode button. Maintain pressure for 20 to 30 seconds. At some point, your Ring Doorbell will begin flashing and resuming. When it’s finished rebooting completely, hit the Setup mode button to begin again. A hard reset similar to this is your best chance to fix any faults or issues you may have encountered during setup and operation.

When Or How To Reset Ring Doorbell:

When resetting your Ring doorbell, it will return to its factory defaults. This method can fix frequent issues like Wi-Fi connection failures and malfunctioning functionality. You could also try resetting your Ring if there was a blackout and you are having issues with it.

Additionally, this is a must-have if you plan on selling, gifting, or otherwise getting rid of your Ring. Your Ring will be given to the recipient in pristine condition and will not be linked to your account when you do so. A hard reset may solve these problems if you encounter them. However, if the reset does not correct the issue, you should get in touch with Ring’s customer service.

The ability to sell or transfer ownership of a Ring doorbell to a new user is another compelling incentive to reset the device. Nothing has to be done to the Doorbell. Instead, it would help if you deregistered the Doorbell from your Ring account so that it may be registered and utilized by a new owner.


Having a Ring Doorbell installed has unquestionably changed the game for home security. With its ability to communicate with visitors and record their interactions, the Ring video doorbell is the pinnacle of home safety and convenience. Its functionality depends on its ability to send video via Wi-Fi, as do many other smart gadgets. Problems in the system can interrupt the video transmission capabilities at times.

It’s possible that your Ring doorbell has lost its ability to connect to Wi-Fi, has stopped making noise, or lacks night vision. If calling a professional is your first inclination, consider resetting the ring doorbell first. Following this procedure will reset your Ring doorbell.



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