Tragic Life of Redge Green

For his roles in Boyz N the Hood (1991) as well as AfterMash (1993), Redge Green is a well-known American actor (1993). When Redge was born, he was raised in Richmond, California. Because of his dedication to the craft of acting, he established himself as one of the decade’s most skilled and dedicated performers. Learn so much from Redge Green Wikipedia.

Redge Green Personal Info:

Redge Green is handicapped, his height is around 5 feet, and his weight is above 54 kg. Redge’s nationality is American, and his birth sign is Scorpio. He is of black ethnicity and has black hair, and his eye color is also black. Is Redge Green still alive? Yes, he is. There isn’t much about Redge Green biography.

Early Life of Redge Green:

The city of Richmond, California, is where Redge Green was born, where he spent his childhood, and where he received his primary and secondary education. Redge has not finished his degree since he was not keen in his academics. Since he was a youngster, Redge has a burning desire to pursue a career in acting.

He was trying hard to be an actor, however Redge Green paralyzed and given up hope of being an actor. Soon after, Redge came to the conclusion that his paralysis must not be allowed to impede his progress as an actor. He put in a lot of work and was awarded in 1984 with a role in the television series, which began his acting career.

Why Is Redge Green In a Wheelchair?

Richmond, California is where Redge Green began his life. Redge was shot in the head when he was only six years old as a result of a dispute between two neighbors. Unknown person employed him in order to avoid getting dismissed.

In spite of surviving the bullet, Redge had to say goodbye to his father. Drug overdoses killed his father. Redge Green was confined to a wheelchair for a considerable period of time. His lack of self-confidence was evident when he was a child. Redge said that he began attending the East Bay Center as a student in the Cedar Program at the age of thirteen.


Is Redge Green actor by profession? Yes, he is. When he was 13, he appeared in the film Able to Do as a professional actor. Redge made the decision to leave acting and pursue a career as a public speaker.

“Empowering Youth” is a charity organization that he runs in addition to being a motivational speaker for them. BrotheRedge Ministries employs him as a pastor.

When Redge has gone to different countries to talk to young people and adults about empowerment and education, many people’s lives have been transformed. He hasn’t permitted his physical state to interfere with his job performance.

The Film Boyz N the Hood:

Redge  played Chris ‘Little Chris’ in the film Boyz N the Hood. American coming-of-age drama directed by John Singleton in 1991 and one of his most significant works. When it opened on July 2nd, 1991 in Los Angeles before going on general distribution ten days later, it drew a broad audience. There’s a problem with Redge Green.

Redge Green Personal Life:

Redge’s personal life is kept a secret from the public. He hasn’t revealed his identity just yet. There is no evidence that he is currently dating anybody. It’s unclear what he’s up to or where he is right now.

Redge Green Net Worth:

Redge Green net worth is 17 million $. Acting is the principal source of his income. Whether he has a home, vehicles, or expensive jewelry remains a mystery.

Redge Green Work:

In 1984, Redge made his acting debut in the television series Diff’rent Strokes. The following is a list of credits for Redge’s work on various television and film projects.

  • Redge as Stuart Thompson in Diff’rent Strokes in 1984.
  • Redge as Reggie in AfterMash in 1984.
  • Redge as Steve Terry in Highway to Heaven in 1985.
  • Redge as Veteran in A Winner Never Quits in 1986.
  • Redge as Reggie in What’s Happening Now! in 1988.
  • Redge as Chris in Boyz N the Hood in 1991.


Boyz n the Hood actor Redge is well-known (1991). His zodiac sign is Scorpio, and he is unable to work because of his condition. Since his performance as Little Chris in Boyz n the Hood, Redge hasn’t been in anything noteworthy on screen. In addition, he has appeared in films such as Highway to Heaven (1984).



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