Moonlight Movie Star Alex R. Hibbert

Many well-known actors and actresses have made a name for themselves at a young age. One of the few celebs in Hollywood who was able to get worldwide acclaim for his performance in Moonlight is Alex R. Hibbert. After starring in one of the most popular films, Alex received several film contracts.

Fortunately, he had a part in Black, Panther, and The Chi. Alex R. Hibbert is a young man, but he understands how to work hard to have a bright future. He has motivated children throughout the globe to seek a profession in acting via his hard work and devotion.

Some Interesting Facts From Alex R. Hibbert Wikipedia:

  • Alex R Hibbert Full name is Alex R. Hibbert
  • Alex R Hibbert Birthdate is July 4, 2004
  • Alex R Hibbert Age is 18 years old
  • Alex R Hibbert Sun sign is Cancer
  • Alex R Hibbert Birthplace is NY, USA
  • Alex R Hibbert is Currently residing in NY, USA
  • Alex R Hibbert Nationality is American
  • Alex R Hibbert Mother’s name is Donna Wellington
  • Alex R Hibbert Siblings include Robin Hibbert
  • Alex R Hibbert Height is 5 feet 5 inches.
  • Alex R Hibbert Instagram has 163k followers
  • Among his favorite actors is Andrew Garfield.
  • Hibbert donated the money he earned from his acting career to cancer research.
  • Mahershala Ali is a father figure to Alex R Hibbert.
  • He longs for his former classmates.


He was reared in Queens, New York City, where he starred in Moonlight. In time, the Hibberts moved to Miami, where they settled. Although his father’s identity is still a mystery, he is the son of Donna Wellington. Besides that, he is fortunate enough to have a sister named Robin. He cares deeply for his sister and is always there for her.

Educational Background:

Alex’s fundamental necessities and expectations were readily met by her mother when she was growing up in Queens. He attended Norland Middle School in his formative years. When Alex’s celebrity began to soar, he avoided disclosing personal information to media members.

Consequently, he is now enrolled at an undisclosed prestigious high school. He also said that his instructor pushed all of his pupils to go to Moonlight and try out for the role of him. They were fortunate enough to get the gig from a field of hundreds of hopefuls.

Alex R. Hibbert Career:

In 2016, this dashing newcomer to Hollywood made his big-screen debut as a supporting character actor. At the time, every kid in his school was asked to audition for the Moonlight by his instructor. Fortunately, they were chosen from among hundreds of applicants. To name a few, he played Chiron with Trevante Rhodes and Ashton Sanders in the film. Barry Jenkins directed the film, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2017.

Almost immediately after this, he was recruited as a Calvin Klein model. he was seen in the new men’s underwear line for spring/summer 2017. The Chi of Rick Famuyiwa’s young Kevin also included this actor in the pilot episode. As a result of his work on Black Panther, Alex has also become recognized across the globe. At the film’s conclusion, he made a brief cameo appearance.

Awards and Accolades:

Alex R Hibbert movies are a handful, Alex has been well praised for his acting prowess. Hibbert often receives accolades for his outstanding performance in any film he is a part of. His performance in Moonlight earned him the Best Acting Ensemble award. A Special Jury Award was also nominated for this film. Despite his age, Alex was given the Robert Altman Award for his work on the same film.

Besides this, he was nominated for the “BET Awards 20 for Young Star Awards.” In addition, he won the Gotham Award for The best Ensemble Performance for his performance in this play. Additionally, he was shortlisted for the Critics Choice Award for The Best Young Actor for his performance in the film.

Alex R. Hibbert Net Worth:

Despite his young age, Alex has earned a little fortune via his acting profession. Despite this, he has made a fortune through his labor and contributions to several award-winning films. Reliable sources claim that this young actor earns between $120,000 and $300,000 yearly from his performing gigs.

In addition, he earns roughly $200k for each film he appears in. This guy earns more money as a model since he is a Calvin Kelin model. According to the report, Calvin Klein pays its kid models $41k. As a result, this attractive guy is worth a whopping $200,000.


From New York City, Alex R Hibbert hails. Alex R Hibbert turned 18 on July 4, 2004, the day of his birth. Besides Moonlight, Alex R Hibbert has featured in Black Panther, Moonlight, and Alex R Hibbert The Chi.


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