Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse Beauty with Elegance

Mary was a dignitary during the Victorian period, and people from all over the globe loved her beauty. She was highly known for her elegance. She already possesses a family tree that illustrates the connections between her ancestors in great detail.

If you are interested in gaining further knowledge, please continue reading the next section. This Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse family tree has been researched in-depth, and an account of her life has also been compiled for your perusal. According to her family tree, her ancestry goes back to her great-grandparents. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the woman.

Personal Information:

Mary-Antoinette Courbebaisse birthday is December 12th, and she was born in Rochefort, which is in the Charente-Maritime region. She had only turned people aged old when she died in 1933, making her the appropriate person to pass away in the US. When it comes to her family’s history, it is common knowledge among the general populace at this point. At the time, Schwob, also known as Rene, became her lover.

When we were talking about Mary Antoinette Courbebaisse, we forgot to introduce her kids and grandkids and even briefly touched on their lives. She was responsible for the birth of both of Mary Antoinette’s children.

These are the individuals that were responsible for the birth of Marie Antoinette. The names of both her father and her mother are known. Emily Courbebaisse was his name, a naval engineer and the director of naval projects. Marie Alexandrine and Mary Antoinette’s husband remained by her side till her death in 1932. After that, we will examine the specifics of her performances to determine what we can take away from them.

Additional Information That Is Explicit:

Mary Antoinette’s wedding was attended by her large and historically significant family members, who were there to witness this momentous occasion. From 1918 to 1928, Mary was married. Unable to cope with the loss of his wife, he ultimately gave in to an undiagnosed medical condition and passed away. They ultimately find out about Mary-family Antoinette’s members when we start talking about Mary-Antoinette. We can investigate them in great detail.

Two people are Mary Antoinette’s blood relations. The first person is a group member who is female, and the second member is a member who is male. The names LRM Schwob and her husband, G. P. Schwob, are two that the vast majority of people are not familiar with.

There are two sisters, and their names are Mary Leonie and Emile Courtbebaisse. Their surnames are almost the same thing. There was no information found anywhere about her younger sister. The primary purpose of this section is to concentrate on the discussion of Mary’s parents as well as a few of the other individuals whose names appear below. These things are included in this group: P.P.T.

Courbebaisse is a well-known actor in France. The individual in question goes by the name Cathy Rosalie. Antoine Courbebaisse, The names of her maternal and paternal grandparents are included in the list that follows this line. Alexandre Gatine, Elisabeth, and Gatine. Ambroisine Marie Eulalie Ambroisine It’s about Leonie Gatine, if you were wondering. Mary Albert Gatin was her given name throughout her lifetime.

Important Dates:

On December 31st, 1910, Paul Victor Schwob and the woman who would eventually become his wife said their wedding vows and officially became husband and wife. 1909 marked the beginning of a love relationship between Lucy Mathilde Schwob & Suzanne Alberte Malherbe.

During this time, they had already tied the knot. This content is a portion of a more significant piece of research that may be located on the internet and accessed there. Simply put, we are acting in a service capacity here. The names of her father and other paternal grandparents and their ties to one another are included.

Alexandre Gatine, Elisabeth, and Gain:

Ambroisine Marie Eulalie Ambroisine It’s about Leonie Gatine, if you were wondering. Mary Alex. Albert G was her given name throughout her lifetime. Suzanne Malherbe & Lucy Schwob started dating as earlier as 1909, and two years later, in 1910, they tied the knot. The wedding of G.Paul Victor Schwob & Lucy Renee Schwob took place in 1910.


Mary-Antoinette de Courbebaisse comes from a long line of de Courbebasses; her family tree has several generations of the surname. She has kids and grandkids on both her father’s and mother’s sides of the family. She has a lovely flowchart that assists her in drawing the family tree in an accurate manner, which makes her job much more straightforward.

According to the findings of our investigation on her, she is the kind of lady who recognizes the significance of having a large family.

The following information is provided for anyone interested in gaining more insight into Courtebaisse’s background: Antoinette’s family tree includes descendants from all grandmothers on both sides of the Mary family, including her grandkids.

She made a flow chart organized in a way that makes it simple to trace her ancestry. According to the findings of our investigation, she was a devoted family member who enthusiastically supported the notion of having a big nuclear family.

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