Sasha Monik- The great talent and future of the magic industry

Sasha Monik, a young talented girl having extraordinary capabilities became a celebrity with her performance in the field of the magic industry. The natural illusion abilities of her have captured the audience at a very young age and become stronger over time.

The world has recognized Sasha Monik as the only card magician who has created new illusions with great numbers which were not done before her. She is the most famous professional with a great fan following in the industry. She can switch performances with her great skills and abilities.

At the age of six years, she started performing magic and become the most sought-after magician in the country. She has earned many awards which include the victory of the International Brotherhood of Magicians in 2017.

Life of Sasha Monik:


Sasha Monik was born on Oct,1,2003 in California, United States of America. She was capable and interested in magic from a young age and started working on it. Sasha Monik won a Gold medal from the Society of American Magicians for her extraordinary performance at the age of seven. She entered the world into the magician’s family. Her grandparents were great magicians. Magic was in her blood from his family.


The relationship of Sasha Monik is an untold story. She didn’t open up his relationship status to the world till now.


When Sasha Monik was in High School, her instructor of English cheered her to continue her passion by giving her a chance to do it in class. Sasha was encouraged by her teachers in High School that’s why she was motivated and her skills gave her great value in the field of magic.


Sasha Monik’s story is based on self-motivation and persistence through hardships. At the age of 10, it was the beginning of her career as a great performer and practicing her stunts. She became a marvel for the world just because of her dedication and longtime practice with hardships.

Sasha Monik during his growing age was intent on magic, she always plays games of cards with her brother.


Life of magician

Sasha Monik has faced many hardships during her career but she works hard and showed her skills of magic with full devotion. In no time she became the youngest magician in the world due to her great abilities and prove herself in the field of magic.

She was just 11 years when she proves herself a magician which changed her life. After that, her focus on the magic created opportunities for her in the international industry. She got the ability of publicly spoken.

She decided to become a magician when she was 11 years old, and that decision led to huge changes in her life. It should initially be noted that she has had the chance to perform in an extensive variety of international places. Sasha’s achievement has given her confidence as magician and given her the chance to exercise her abilities at public speaking.

When she was only six she started dazzling people with her illusions. She performed in Hollywood at Magic Castle and got famous on YouTube with millions of subscribers.


Society of American Magicians

Society of American Magicians medal

She won a gold medal at age of seven and became the first young-age winner in the world ever.


  • Appeared and perform on international platforms television two times.
  • Perform her talent at large companies like Coca-Cola, Harley division, and others.
  • Sasha Monik hosted many television shows.
  • She got 3rd Position at the Bay Area International Magic Convention 2018.
  • Sasha was nominated as the best artist in 2019 at Canadian National Magic Convention.
  • She got more than 150000 followers in very less time.
  • World Magic Seminar Las Vegas 2017

Great magicians of World who praised Sasha Monik:

  • Harry Houdini
  • Apollo Robbins
  • Lance Burton
  • David Devant.
  • Lennart Green
  • René Lavand
  • David Blaine


In Sasha Monik’s view, people are linked with each other through magic. She is cited as a proverb, “I want to show personalities that witchcraft is somewhat beyond a stunt” “It’s tied in with creating a close-to-home connection with your crowd.” and she has been enthusiastic about what she preaches.



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