Ancient Devices for Distance Love: The Chinese Kissing Device

Has technology put distance between you and your love? In today’s world, it can be difficult to maintain a relationship when you’re far apart. But in ancient times, used technology to bring us closer.

Today, look at one of the unique ancient devices for distance love: the Chinese Kissing Device. It was a unique contraption crafted by an ingenious Chinese inventor. Although it may seem strange today, it was a revolutionary invention.

But what did it look like, and how did it work? How can we use the concept of the Chinese Kissing Device to increase intimacy in our relationships today? In this article, I’ll share a brief history and explore how we can use this ancient invention to inspire modern relationships.

History of the Chinese Kissing Device:

Have you ever wished that you could express your love to someone from afar? The Chinese kissing device is an ancient invention that could make this wish come true. Thought to have been invented in the 6th century BC used, the kissing device for couples in long-distance relationships to communicate their love. It consisted of two hollow terracotta tubes—each fitted with a nozzle—connected by two straps.

When one partner wanted to send a message to the other partner, they would blow into their tube, which would cause air pressure to build up in both tubes and cause them to vibrate. This would then create a sound—similar to what you hear when two pieces of metal touch—that would travel through the tubes and be heard by the other partner up to 500 meters away! The kissing device was able to help couples maintain their relationship despite long distances, and it was a symbol of the deep love shared between them.

How Does a Chinese Kissing Device Work?

Have you ever wanted to kiss someone, but they were too far away? The Chinese have found a way to do just that with the kissing device! First used The device centuries ago for lovers to exchange kisses over great distances. And while it might sound like a magical romance, the device works by using levers and pulleys.

Here’s how it works: To initiate contact, one person presses down on the lever of their device, and that action triggers a chain reaction. The lever moves a piston which in turn causes air to flow through a pair of tubes connected between two kissing devices–one located in each lover’s home. This airflow activates an arm on the other device, which pushes up on a set of levers connected by tiny strings. Those strings are released, causing two wooden lips to come together and “kiss”. When pressed down again, this process is reversed, and the lips separate again.

It may sound primitive, but this simple contraption allowed people to send physical signals over vast distances when roads were treacherous and communication was limited. It may not be as romantic as kissing your distant love in person, but it certainly beats writing an old-fashioned love letter!

Advantages & Disadvantages of the Chinese Kissing Device:

The Chinese Kissing Device is a unique invention with advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at each:


The most significant advantage of the Chinese Kissing Device is that it is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is attach the two devices, select the distance you want to keep between your lover, and press send. This alleviates any concerns couples may have over long-distance relationships. You can now kiss from afar and never worry about separation!


As with any technology, there are some drawbacks to this device. For instance, both lovers need to be in a place where their devices can get a signal — otherwise, they won’t be able to use it! Additionally, since this technology relies on physical contact, you don’t get an immediate response like you would with phone calls or texting; you might end up waiting several seconds or even minutes before you get an answer. Finally, if one of the lovers has an allergic reaction to the material of their device, they will not be able to use it.

How to Use the Device:

The Chinese kissing device was easy to use! Here’s how you used it. First, two people would write a note to each other and attach the paper to either side of the device. Then, the note-holders would put their heads close together and lock their lips on the sides of the device. When their lips touched, whatever messages were written on the paper would be shared.

In addition to carrying messages, the device also allowed for physical contact! Placing your heads together connected both of you to an intimate level that words couldn’t express – making it a perfect way for couples in long-distance relationships to keep in touch and feel connected.

Shopping for a Chinese Kissing Device:

If long-distance relationships have you considering purchasing a Chinese kissing device, you’ll be glad to know it’s easy to find one. That’s right – the same technology used by emperors and empresses centuries ago is now accessible to the public! You can find them on eBay, Etsy, and other online stores specialising in antiques.

When it comes to shopping for a Chinese kissing device, there are two main things you should keep in mind:

1.   Quality

Opt for a device made of durable materials like wood or lacquered bamboo. The higher the quality, the longer your device will last.

2.   Size

If you plan on hosting guests over Skype or FaceTime, choose a regular-size Chinese kissing device since it will fit better into the frame of your computer screen.

And remember – whether you’re shopping for yourself or giving it as a gift, a Chinese kissing device is truly an item like no other. It’s sure to bring beauty, intrigue and lots of laughter into your home!

Caring for and Maintaining Your Device:

Now that you have your beautiful Chinese kissing device, you’ll want to ensure you care for it properly. The secret to keeping it working and looking great for years is maintenance—regular cleaning, careful handling and the occasional repair.


Clean your device regularly to keep its parts working smoothly. Start with a soft cloth or brush to wipe away dirt, dust and debris. Use a gentle cleaner on metal components (but never on wooden parts), and always dry thoroughly after cleaning.


handling your Chinese kissing device is vital to keeping it in good condition—keep away from water and other liquids, heat, perfume and anything that could damage its polished surfaces.


Sometimes despite your best efforts, things happen– a broken wire, a loose loop—but don’t worry if you need to give your antique a touch-up! If you need more help restoring it, contact an artisan or specialist with experience in ancient Chinese artefacts which can offer professional advice.

Your Chinese kissing device won’t last forever, but regular maintenance and careful handling can last many generations as a true testament to love!


From the Chinese kissing device to telegrams and postcards, lovers have been finding inventive ways to stay connected even when separated by distance for centuries. The sentiment of longing for physical connection may have stayed the same, but technology has changed the way we express and explore that sentiment.

Today, people separated by distance have a vast range of virtual tools. From video conferencing to texting and more, lovers can stay connected and give each other hugs and kisses with the click of a button.

But, no matter how advanced our technologies become and how connected we become, there will always be something special about the traditional symbols of love. The Chinese kissing device, postcards and telegrams bring us back to a simpler time before smartphones and the internet. They remind us that love will always find a way, no matter the distance.



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