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Buying a Beanbag: What Should You Look For?

Beanbags are versatile, comfortable, and ergonomic, but are they all same? The answer is no, there are several different kinds of beanbag chairs for us to choose from. It’s not just about the size differences either because different beanbag designs suit different needs, irrespective of its size. All that may sound confusing at first, but you won’t feel that way after reading through this brief post.

Prioritize Quality:

The universal rule of quality also applies to beanbags. Quality is of the utmost importance because beanbags made from cheap fabric and low-quality foam are neither comfortable nor are they ergonomic. For example, a beanbag such as a Fombag is made from furniture-grade foam and high-quality microsuede/designer fabric. This ensures the beanbags will feel good on your skin and relieve pressure from your resting joints. Look for a brand with a warranty on all their products.

Look for a Design that Matches Your Requirements.

The somewhat amorphous shape of a beanbag can be misleading. It may lead you to believe that all beanbags are the same. Despite how multi-utilitarian beanbags can be, different beanbags are designed for different crowds. High quality beanbags are always designed with one or more specific uses in mind. This does not mean that a beanbag chair for work won’t also serve as a brilliant gaming chair, but it will always be perfect for long work sessions first.

Are you buying a new bean bag bed for your big dog, or do you plan to use it as the living room couch? Do you want one where your child can sit comfortably? It’s possible that a single beanbag will be enough to meet all your needs because they are extremely versatile. Nevertheless, it is still important that:

  1. You know what the beanbag will be used for.
  2. You choose a beanbag that was designed primarily for that purpose.

There are several different types of beanbags, and you should get to know your options well before buying anything. We have the three main types shortlisted for your convenience next.

  • Roundish beanbags: The most common and versatile shape for beanbags, with excellent pressure relieving
  • Blockish beanbags: better suited for children, as well as adults looking to work, game and/or study from their beanbags.
  • Long beanbags: perfect as the living room couch and for group lounging.

Size is a Personal Choice.

A 2XL beanbag couch could be as long as 15 – 16 feet, while the average beanbag couch in the same shape is only about 7 – 8 feet in length. Size is a major factor in deciding a bean bag’s purpose and usefulness, but that’s entirely up to you, your requirements, and the size of your home. All adult beanbags come in a wide range of sizes.

Be a bit more cautious with children’s beanbags though because they should not be too big in proportion to the child’s size. Also, beanbags are NOT meant for infants or children who cannot support their necks on their own yet.



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