PRX-T33 for rejuvenation and health

PRX-T33 peeling – It is usually advised not to carry out this procedure in the summer because the harmful rays of the sun can damage your dermis, but now it is believed that this is a myth and that this peeling can be used at any time of the year. The unique composition of PRX-T33 peeling makes this product very popular today (it is an improved formula of TCA – peeling (trichloroacetic acid)).

Benefits of PRX-T33 therapy:

What can we say about benefits?

  1. The PRX-T33 peeling is a year-round procedure that is not just limited to the fall and winter.
  2. This procedure is painless. This is a significant plus for people with a low pain threshold.
  3. The duration of the procedure is less than 15 minutes.
  4. Rehabilitation (restoration) after the peeling procedure is not required. There is only a slight burning sensation during the procedure and redness for 15 minutes after the procedure.

After the procedure, it is recommended to apply a cream for dry skin, which restores the hydrolipidic mantle and the protective barrier of the skin.

Starting the day after the PRX-T33 peel, the patient first applies a smoothing fluid with glycolic acid, and then 20-30 minutes later, the patient applies a dry skin cream.


Peeling is performed in several stages:

  • make-up removal;
  • defatting;
  • applying the peeling itself (massage movements, in several layers);
  • neutralization with water;
  • application of nourishing cream.

PRX-T33 peeling includes three components that give an amazing result when applied:

  • hydrogen peroxide – has antibacterial properties;
  • 2.5% kojic acid – soothes the skin and reduces melanin production (brightens the skin);
  • 3.33% trichloroacetic acid – cleans pores, and controls sebum production.

What else is worth knowing?

This peeling breaks the stereotypes about middle chemical peels. After all, it can be done while going out for a lunch break, and then calmly returning to work, so that even no one will notice that some serious manipulations were carried out with your face. The skin may retain a pink hue for the first 10-15 minutes following the operation, but this quickly fades. You can apply tonal goods and decorative cosmetics after a few hours.

PRX-T33 helps to solve the following problems:

  • acne;
  • the traces of post-acne;
  • small wrinkles, scars;
  • evens the tone of the face;
  • aging: revitalization of the skin of the face, body, hands, and décolletage;
  • seborrheic dermatitis;
  • hyperkeratosis of the facial skin;
  • gives tone;
  • effective in pigmentation and hyperkeratosis;
  • chloasma;
  • cleans pores.

The effects of PRX-T33 peeling are noticeable right away; even after the first treatment, little mimic wrinkles are reduced in size and the skin is polished, taut, and smoother. Depending on the problem and age, as well as to achieve the optimal result, it is necessary to undergo from 3 to 6 procedures, once a week. Scars and stretch marks may need to be diminished and removed after up to 15 treatments.

As we already wrote at the beginning of this article, everyone is used to the fact that peeling is a seasonal procedure that can be carried out in late autumn, winter, or early spring. The medical uniqueness of PRX-T33 peeling is that it can be done even in the summer!



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