A Step-By-Step Guide on Creating a Certificate of Participation Online

If you hold an event or activity, you might have to create a certificate of participation for its attendees. However, many people have no experience or time to create these certificates, making it a bit challenging. In this case, this article will serve as your guide to learning how to recreate visually appealing certificates of participation online without taking a lot of time.

Why Create A Certificate of Participation?

 A certificate of participation makes for a nice token of appreciation for people who attended an activity or event you hosted. Moreover, it might be a requirement set by the local authorities. Some participants need it to show it as proof of competency or for reimbursement. It is imperative to make the document formal and official since it might be used for professional documentation.

Before technological advancements, people had to craft a certificate of participation using photo editors and publishing software. It used to take a lot of time and effort, but this is no longer the case. Fortunately, free printable certificate templates are available online that have simplified the process for the average Joe.

How to Create a Certificate of Participation Online:

 Creating a certificate of participation is not as hard as  you think. Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step #1: Look For Good Examples

 The first step is to research and look for certificates you can emulate. This step should give you an idea of what separates a good one from a bad example. It would help if you looked for something that suits the event or the organization.

You should pay great attention to the visual motifs of these certificates. Inspect the different design elements, from the text size to the font style to the colors. Borders are standard features of certificates, although they are not necessary.

Step #2: Find a Hosting Website

These days, there are numerous websites that you can use to create a certificate of participation. Others require you to sign up, while some let you use the features without registration.

It is best if you stick to something free, easy to use, and comes with a comprehensive library of templates. PosterMyWall is an online service provider that fits the bill. If you wish, you can gain access to high-resolution images by paying a fee. The basic photos will do for most events, however.

Step #3: Choose a Template

Once you have decided on a hosting website and have a rough idea, it is time to choose a template. It should bear the characteristics that you liked from your initial search. They do not have to be precisely the same because you can still adjust the features to get the desired effect.

Step #4: Edit As Much As Want

Feel free to edit the template as much as you see fit. Do not forget that a template is only meant to be a pattern that you should then edit and personalize. Adjust the visual elements until you are happy with the appearance.

Aside from its appearance, you also have to edit it to reflect the event’s details. This process will also include adding the name and logo of the company. Aside from that, you have to fill it in with the name of the activity and the date of issuance.

It is common practice to have the printed name and signature of a representative and the head of the organization at the bottom. This portion will serve as the verification and validation of the certificate’s authenticity.


Step #5: Personalize For Each Attendee

Once you have finalized these details on the template, it will be time to save it. After this step, it is time to create individual copies for each participant. Check the list of attendees and ensure that you have the names of everyone who joined the event in hand. Double check the information as you type it in to avoid any inconvenience on both your end and theirs.

Step #6: Distribute the Copies

Once you have created the certificate of participation, it is time to send them to the attendees. You may print it and send the hard copy to each person. However, it is becoming common to send digital copies via email simply. It is essential to hand them out so that participants can have proof of attendance.

Final Thoughts:

A certificate of participation can be used as proof that a person attended a training. Sometimes, it is needed to ask for the reimbursement of travel expenses or apply to a job with strict skill requirements. As the organizer, it is expected to hand out this document by the end of the event. We hope this guide has shown you how easy it is to create a professional-looking certificate of participation online!



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