Why Should you Customize Your Resume for Each Application?

A customized resume will make a huge difference when you want to secure your dream job. Most people do not get a phone call back primarily due to the need for more personalization on the resume. Most job hunters make the mistake of thinking that their application is all about their achievements and what they wish to gain from their new employer.

To make things easier, you should take a look at some resume examples, depending on your profesional profile, and get a customized resume for the job role and industry you’re applying for.

It can be daunting to think of a customized resume. However, with a bit of practice, you will get the hang of writing customized resumes when you learn about the primary requirements of the said job posting. This article will guide you through the customized resume and answer the most commonly asked questions.

Read this article to make the job hunt a lot easier.

What Is a Customized Resume?

A customized resume is a job application that pinpoints what a specific employer requires from the person who is being hired for the position. It shows the efforts of the applicant to understand and identify the hiring organization and the industry.

Each personalized resume consists of words that match the advertised job description and its needs. Most of the content on the resume is the summary, history, and skillsets that are the direct requirement of the specific job position. Considering the posted job description, you will have to consider things you must include and exclude in the resume.

By thinking from the perspective of the recruiters, you will have to answer every answer of their asked questions. Then, you can look at the resume example, which will help you to get an idea of the things and how you can add those things to your resume.

Why Is It Necessary To Customize The Resume?

Most employers say that a customized resume is necessary for all job hunters, which should not be overlooked. In other words, you should customize your CV for the specific job role. A customized resume shows that you are a competitive employer and a good fit for the specific Company and you are different from the masses.

Your resume should not be a formality that you are doing just for the sake of it. Rather it should be your career tool as well as the personal marketing tool. This approach will pay dividends in the form of the best jobs and professional development.

A personalized resume ensures that your potential Company sees you as a valuable asset to the Company who will bring a lot to the firm. When you submit a generic resume, they will read the bland and general document, which is irrelevant to the posted job description.

In this, the logic is relatively easy to crack. Different companies have different demands. Thus, they need different resumes according to their particular requirement. You need to work on it and highlight if you want to win the recruiter and secure your dream job.

If you have selected the Company and the position, make sure to do it with all your heart. You want to build a long-term relationship with the hiring company, which is why you should take the right and necessary steps. 

Take Extra Steps To Impress Hiring Managers

After making up your mind, you may wonder how you can impress your employees or can I use one resume for several job applications. These two questions are inter-connected.

The short answer to this question is that only use the same resume for several job applications. It is because it is rooted in employer psychology and the standard hiring practices for employers. Countless resumes go through the inbox of hiring managers, and most applicants prefer copy-pasted documents.

As expected, recruiters are looking for the best employee for the job position. And the most common trait of the ideal employee is enthusiasm about working in that Company. Anyone who has gone for job interviews knows enough to add more vitality to the conversation.

There is no need for job hunters to go to their nearest printing shop and show the resume example and print 50 CVs. As per the report, for every job position you apply for, at least 250 other applications are sent along with yours. From these 250 applications, only 4-6 applicants are given a chance for an interview, which is why you should give it your best to stand out.

It is imperative to know that the automated tracking systems tools search for the keywords and phrases in the CV to look for worthy candidates for the interview. These tools will rate your resume for its relevance to the posted job before HR looks at it. These systems favor customized resumes with writings that are relevant to the posting. However, do not stuff keywords since the hiring managers consider keyword stuffing a red flag. Look at the resume examples and learn about what an ideal resume is. 

How To Customize Your Resume?

To get a customized resume, you will have to personalize, align, and customize the resume according to the job application by matching the qualifications and requirements of the advertised job description. You should emphasize your history’s relevant achievements, milestones, and skills.

For example, add a heading at the top of the resume stating Seeking [Job Title X at this [Company]. It will catch the eye of the human reader and fulfil the requirement of the ATS software.

You can also take a more subtle approach. For example, under the work experience, make sure to use bullet points and emphasize the methods that a specific project taught you and that helped you complete the project.

Benefits Of a Customized Resume:

A resume needs attention and love, and let us tell you the benefits you will get with a customized resume:

  • Constant Resume Review

Every certificate, new class, freelance project, volunteer role, and personal learning experience are the things that you should do to strengthen your resume and add more skills to it. In addition, make sure to update your LinkedIn profile whenever you can.

  • Fix Mistakes

Unless you are a top-notched writer, the resume may have at least one mistake or typo. With a customized resume, you can easily catch mistakes and fix them before sending them. Even if there aren’t any typos, examining your document often will help you find ways to save more space through the action verbs.


It is the necessary information about the customized resume and how you can use it to attract more job opportunities. If you need to become more adept with resume customization, you can take the help of an expert who can help you with all the necessary bits of a customized resume.



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